Our Story

More than a mix + match clothing brand, we’re a partner for growing families


We go together

Garanimals is a collection of playful mix + match children’s clothing that goes together, and is tough enough to stay together. Every piece is made to help parents affordably, adorably + comfortably dress their kids, from newborn to 5T.

A Garanimals kid loves bold colors, patterns, and prints that celebrate their unique sense of style.


A revolution in how we dress our kids

For nearly a half century, Garanimals’ system of unique tags and easy mix + match outfits have helped kids build confidence by learning to dress themselves. 

We’ve grown into an even more versatile + inclusive collection, while staying true to our heritage, keeping our clothing affordable + adorable, and evolving with the styles + the values parents care about today. 

A commitment to quality + safety + value

Garanimals clothing is made to go together + built to stay together. We rigorously check our garments for quality + safety.

Each garment style is third-party tested for safety, chemicals + quality following government + consumer standards. Our clothing is also tested for fabric softness.


We make our super-soft fabrics from sustainably grown cotton.


Rest assured, all our garments are safe from harmful substances


Quality children’s clothing should be available to all families.

Wearing the right outfit can do wonders for a kid’s self-confidence + self-esteem.

Our Partners

Only at Walmart

We are sold in nearly every Walmart store across the U.S. Because to us, quality children’s clothing should be available + affordable to every family.

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A Sustainable Future

To us, sustainability doesn’t mean one thing. It’s a combination of social, economic + environmental responsibility. Click below to learn more about our sustainability journey!

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Our Impact + Outreach

In partnership with Good360 + Delivering Good, since 2019, we’ve donated over 1.3 million garments to those in need around the world. Click below to learn more about how we make a difference in our communities.

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Mix + Match Tops + Bottoms!

Find the nearest location for comfortable + durable clothing. Perfect for naptime + playtime.

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